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20 students of 2nd and 3rd year BBC participated in Drawing, Elocution and Best Slogan Competition organized at Uppal Circle on 1st July 2016, to celebrate National Recycling Day by ITC WOW, GHMC, and SWACHH TELANGANA.   Ms.Rajeshwari from final year BBC won First Prize in Elocution Competition on topic “My Swachh Colony”.

Two teams of 6 students each conducted Interschool Recycling competition ,WOW-Well Being Out OF Waste Programme in around 15 schools in Moinabad region and collected around 8000 kg of dry waste  that can be recycled .This was done in collaboration with ITC in the month of July and August. 

Another team of 10 students organized WOW Programme and collected Dry waste of around 400 Kg from all Life Sciences and Arts combinations  of  First year,in the month of September.

20 students of Eco club participated in “My Earth, My Responsibility’’ –Plantation  at Neknampur lake near TaramatiBaradri. , on July 11,2016 as part of Harithaharam.      

20 –students  ofEcoclub participated in a campaign for Environment friendly Ganesh Festival Celebrations 2016 organised by TSNGC Pollution Control Board and Dhruvansh at Neknampur Lake on 27 August 2016     


60 Students participated in Drawing /Painting and Essay writing competition on the Theme “Global Warming”organized by Dhruvansh in collaboration with Dharini Eco Club, In view of creating awareness about ozone layer protection on World Ozone Day on Sep 16.

30 volunteers for Dharini club organized various competitions like Fancy Dress, Face mask, Speak Bindass, Talent hunt, Dance, Quiz on Wild Life, Paint The wall IN a 3 Day Awareness Event titled AAKASHGANGA .from October 21 to 23

This awareness event endeavoured to sensitise the people towards celebrating an environmentally safe Diwali by pointing out the major impacts that Diwali has on our environment which includes air, water, soil, noise and light pollution. Welcome Dance was performed by students of St.ANNSCOLLEGE , on the concept of Panchabhutalu-The Five elements of NATURE and how to protect them.

The performance received a special appreciation by the Sarpanch who gave a cash prize of Rs.2000 to the performers as a token of appreciation.

This event comprising of competitions , awareness, fun activities, food stalls and many more.





students  participated  in the talk Titled “Save Water and The Impact of Social Media”     conducted by “THE HANS INDIA”. Resource person from HMTV interacted with the students to create an  awareness on the importance of conserving the resources for better future and enlightening the students on impact of social media on the society. Students from different streams belonging to ECO CLUB actively participated and had a discussion on the above theme. They realized the importance of saving water for sustainable development. They also understood the wide array of sectors that social media influences.

15 students of Eco club participated and volunteered for the  two day UTTARAYAN Kite Festival event  on Jan 8 and 9th ,2017 planned by Dhruvansh on occasion of celebrating MAKARA Sankranthi in  a eco friendly way by avoiding Manjha to fly Kites and creating awareness  through Bird walk wherein various  species of birds found near the two lakes Ibrahim cheruvu and Neknampur  were spotted by Fareed Mohammed from Hyderabad Birding Pals .

Volunteers organised  various competitions like Drawing, fancydress, essay writing, kite making and kite flying competitions for around 700 school children from different schools.

Green and Clean Pilot Project at HUDA COLONY Of Manikonda Gram panchayath was taken up on 11 thFeb ,2017 .As part of this project, segregation of waste into wet and dry waste  ,distribution of bins to house holds and creating awareness  on waste management by highlighting importance of composting wet waste and recycling dry waste was done by our ecoclub volunteers in around 200 households.

This awareness campaign was done in collaboration with Dhruvansh NGO

20 volunteers of eco club who have conducted WOW activity in various schools, wer invited to attend “SwachhSarvekshan- an orientation program ,organized by ITC  at L.B.Stadium . on December 23,2016



2015 – 2016



Initiatives taken by the institution to make the campus Eco-friendly.



The volunteers of the eco club took the initiative of creating the awareness about the importance of protecting the environment among the students of the college. They have placed number of posters in strategic positions within the campus.


The Eco awareness drive included the ever popular green queen contest organized by the Dept. of chemistry and Eco club. 

The message of “less plastics” was conveyed very clearly by the alarming amount of plastic waste that was collected in the campus

Topic: Development and Environment protection