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Department of Public Administration

"Knowledge is Virtue"




M.B.A , M.A.


India is a knowledge market where innovation is an intellectual right and economics is salient emergence that is developed in a logical strategy to achieve knowledge based economy and to nurture professionals.


The department of Economics has aimed at equipping the students with knowledge and skill required to meet both the existing and emerging challenges of the corporate world besides to accelerate growth in the country keeping in view the vision on science and technology.

  • Quality education
  • Develop conceptual & analytical skills
  • Familiar with economic analysis and policies
  • Sensitisation towards Budgeting and Budget Analysis
  • Understand Economic Liberalization Policies.


Paper Presentation

  • “Inclusive Growth Programmes with Focus on Women” at National seminar on Women Empowerment through Microfinance and small enterprises, Begumpet Govt. women‘s college, Hyderabad.


  • active member of Centre for Women Studies. 
  • Panal discussion – ‘Hyderabad Hazir Ho’.
  • International seminar “Land, Culture and Knowledge System”.