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Department of Computer Science




B.Tech. M.S (Ph.D)


M.C.A (B.Ed)

Ms.Lydia Marina


Ms.M.Lavanya Reddy

M.sc (Computers)


"Ubiquitous Computing"

The department stresses on the importance of computer proficiency to everyone in any field which it feels is a necessity in today's competitive world.


  • To introduce the youth to the revolutionary technological changes by laying a very strong foundation.
  • By restoring the talents and maximizing the knowledge and upgrading the overall personality forming a unique icon in this highly competitive world.
  • To provide greater opportunities in career and help them to face the challenges of the modern age.  In short to begin the journey of thousands sites with a single click.


Priority areas for Research and details of the ongoing projects, important and noteworthy publications of the faculty, during past two years.

  • Minor research project on “Impact of IT on college libraries” { along with the department of Information Science}  has been approved by UGCfor financial assistance. 
  • Ms. Kavitha is working on “Clustering Techniques” as a part of her research dissertation (M.Phil), from Sri Krishnadevaraya University, and the area of Specialization is  Data Mining.
  • Faculty have contributed papers in seminars which have been published in books (with ISBN)  and in conference proceedings.                                      


  • University Gold Medal -Overall topper for the batch 2005-08.
    {Ms. R. Gayathri of Maths, Statistics & Computer Science}
  • National Conference in collaboration with NIMH during the year 2009.
  • Faculty acquired Higher Qualification (M. Phil.-Ms.Radhai, MBA- Mr. Bharadwaja)
  • Extensive participation in Seminars/Conferences ( 38), 11 as Resource Persons 
  • Publications - 11 papers in International/National Conferences
  • Minor Research Project - 1
  • Computer Literacy  Training Programs organized for Teaching/  Non-teaching  &  Administrative faculty - 8
  • Coordinated establishment of  ICT Centre, Digital Studio and Wi-Fi campus