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Department of Computer Science



Ms.K N Naga Nandini, HoD

M Sc., M Tech.

Ms. P N Kavitha

M.Sc., M. Phil, M.Tech.

Ms.Aparna Bulusu

B.Tech. M.S (Ph.D)

Ms.Lydia Marina


Ms.M.Lavanya Reddy


The Department


"Ubiquitous Computing"

The department stresses on the importance of computer proficiency to everyone in any field which it feels is a necessity in today's competitive world.


  • To introduce the youth to the revolutionary technological changes by laying a very strong foundation.
  • By restoring the talents and maximizing the knowledge and upgrading the overall personality forming a unique icon in this highly competitive world.
  • To provide greater opportunities in career and help them to face the challenges of the modern age.  In short to begin the journey of thousands sites with a single click.


  • Minor Research Projects – 4
  • Faculty attended workshops, contributed papers in seminars which have been published in books (with ISBN) and in conference proceedings and were also resources persons for programs.
  • Faculty pursuing higher qualification (Ms. Aparna B. - pursuing Ph.D. program)
  • Faculty acquired higher qualification (Ms. Kavitha-M.Tech.)

Highlights of the Year 2017-18

  • The Dept. has developed Android App for sharing Department Information – Hosted on Playstore
  • Developed Android App for Capturing attendance through QR Codes
  • Developed Web App for Sending bulk messages
  • Developed Web App for Sending attachments for multiple users.
  • National Seminar on Business Analytics, Management and Innovation (BAMI-18) was held on Feb.23rd , 2018.
  • National conference on Women in Science Research and Education (WISER) was held on March 4th, 2016.
  • Extension Lecture on the topic ‘Advanced Java Technologies’ was held on 14/7/2017 for the II year students.
  • 3 day Workshop on Internet of Things- IOT for students was organized by the Dept. on the 8th, 9th and 10th of August 2017.
  • Workshop on Computer Hardware and Assembling was conducted for I year students on 18th December.
  • Workshop on Advanced Cyber Crime and Attacks was organized for I year students on 12th 2018 January.
  • Seminar & Workshop on Developing Apps and Gaming for the II year students was organized on 10th Feb.
  • As part of outreach activity a group twenty students form final year participated in a training session on life skills, in turn to train school students, organized by DHI group. Hyd.
  • The dept. conducts Computer Literacy Programs every year .Based on theme ‘Digit All’ Dept. of BBM. & Dept. of Computer Science organized an outreach program on 7th December 2017, for Students of ZPHS, Govt. School, Bojjigutta and were given exposure on cyber security issues and care to be taken while working on the internet by degree final year students.
  • Annofesta held in Dec. saw a number of students actively participating and winning prizes in competitions held by the Dept.