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Centre for Women's Studies

Center for Women’s Studies


Wider conception of women’s studies has found concrete form in the Centre’s involvements in the field of action-research, whereby grassroots women’s organizations and institutions have been partners in the production of knowledge about women’s lives and struggles.  In so doing, the Centre has demonstrated its commitment to change and transformation through intervening in and initiating developmental processes and activities, especially among rural women, otherwise the most remote from institutions of higher education.

Report : 2016-2017

  1. Guest Lecture -Feminist movements in India byProf. AparanaRayaprol.
  2. Field Trip cum Collaboration with Residential Bridge Course Camp, MammidipuddiVenkatarangaiya Foundation, Hyderabad
  3. Collaboration with MV Foundation
  4. Competitions-
  • Freelance Painting (acrylic, pencil sketching, glass painting and charcoal painting )
  • Documentary making
  1. Awareness Programme on ‘Individual Social Responsibility’

Center for Women Studies  hasorganized an awareness programme on Individual Social Responsibility on 5th January, 2017. The programme was conducted in collaboration with Bosconet, New Delhi under the theme of “The Girl Child”. Center for Women Studies has Resource person of this programme were Fr. Noel Medhichetty- SDB, Director, Bosconet (Advocacy & Resource Mobilization of Don Bosco, south Asia) & National Secretary, Don Bosco India; and Ms. Rashmi Rose Murmu, national Coordinator & HOD (School Funding Process), Bosconet.  15 students from St. Ann’s College for Women are volunteering in Bosconet.

  1. SHE Teams 2K RUN&5K RUN

The Center for Women’s Studies has participated in the 2K RUN&5K RUN which was organized by SHE TEAMS of Hyderabad Police, Hyderabad City on 5th March, 2017. To commemorate the International Women’s Day, the She Teams wing of the Hyderabad City Police organsied Women and Child safety awareness 2k and 5k run with the theme #Be Bold For Change, aimed to raise to raise awareness among girls, women on the responsible usage of technologies, participation in online community activities and also to obtain solidarity and support in achieving a ‘Crime Free Hyderabad City’. 

  1. Women’s Day:
  • Felicitation Program: Shreyasi of 2017

Like every year, Shreyasi Award to recognize women  achievers has been awarded to Padmashri  Dr. PadmashriManjulaAnagani and Smt. HarichandanaDasari, IAS(Zonal Commissioner, GHMC) an alumna. 

  • Dhruti celebrated women’s day on the theme “BeBoldForChange”  .
  1. An Orientation programme titled “Influences on Gender-Role Attitudes during the Transition to Adulthood”was conducted for the students of first and second years. The programme aimed to determinants of fertility, child mortality, and gender bias in child survival in India 
  2. Awareness Programme titled “Sexual violence prevention through education was conducted for B.A third year students. The programme aimed at sensitizing the students on certain pertinent issues faced by women in the modern world causes and prevention of sexual violence
  3. Research Projects
  1. A Study on Coping Skills of Transgender in Hyderabad, Telengana
  2. A Study on Health Problem of Working class Women in Mehdipatnam,Hyderabad
  3. Gender Roles in Modern Society    

Report :2015 - 16

  1. Awareness program on “Save the Child”- 18.09.2015

A Social Endeavour by ‘Save the Child Organization’ in Collaboration with UNICEF – The event involved a presentation on the ‘Save The Child’ campaign encouraging the ever eager students of St. Ann’s who listened with rapt attention and as the presenter put forth the successes of the organization and the precise statistics of the rich percentage of the children who are denied their basic rights – such as food, education, right to live etc.

  1. Seminar on “Women Empowerment – Strategy for Tomorrow” – 7/12/2015

This event was organized under the aegis of Royal Society of Chemistry (London).This event was graced by the presence of eminent personalities such as Professor. K.S Shastri, a Senior Scientist; Dr. Peesapati, a laudable professor; KalapakamPolasa, Director Of National Institute of Nutrition; Dr. Chitra, a member of American Chemical Society; Dr. Ambuja, a gynecologist and a member of Indian Medical Association; Ms. Swati Lakra, IPS (SHE Teams); and ManjulaKalanithi, a journalist.

  1. Panel discussion on "Gender in Profession – Creating Inclusive Work Space”-11.01.2016

The purposes of the panel discussion were :

  • To attract and mobilize content experts to provide a range in learning opportunities
  • To enhances leadership skills, to stimulate new understanding about gender equity.
  • Address unique challenges that coming in the way of achieving the objectives

The panellist werePrathimaNannu – A Film Maker from NYU, Aparna Malladi- A founder member of ‘She Creates”, Yamini Reddy- Renowned Kuchipudi Dancer and K.V. Vijayendra Prasad Film Screen Writer of Bahubali and also a Nandi Awardee.

  1. CWS- Interactive Session with US Consulate, Hyderabad - 18-12-2015

A Documentary titled “Code: Debugging the Gender Gap” by US Consulate, Hyderabad

US Consulate, Hyderabad conducted a screening of a documentary titled “Code Debugging the Gender Gap” directed by Robin Hauser Reynolds.  The documentary throws light up on gender discrimination in the IT industries where women skills despite being exceptional are considered secondary to the work force of men.

  1. Orientation programme on "Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment" on13.06.2015
  2. Orientation Programme on Gender Stereotypes in Media on 21.7.2015
  3. Women’s Day “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step it Up for Gender Equality”

International women’s day 2016 was a celebration of social economic and cultural achievements of the women. The significance of the day is yet to spread many countries. Woman’s day assumes significance as it is the days when women are recognize their achievements across all section of achievements.

  1. Felicitation Program – 12th March, 2016

The Centre for Women Studies of St. Ann’s College for Women, Dhruthi, with fervor has felicitated a program on commemoration of International Women’s Day. Like every year ShreyasiAward was awarded to Ms. Gedda Ruthvika Shivani, a gold medalist at the South Asian Games for badminton.

  1. Publication
  • Newsletter

Report :2014 – 15

  1. Panel discussion on "The Displacement of Chenchus and its ramification on Women" -23.08.2014

A panel discussion aimed is to bring limelight the woes of the tribal women, the problems such as been faced by them. Several issues such as the preservation of the culture, identity, protection of the habits have come under serious threat thanks to the urbanization in the name of which the tribal lands have been encroached and they have been uprooted and compelled to relocate them. In the process of this re location they have been facing acute problems which have been discussed in detail by the panel members in discussion. Panel discussion was inaugurated by MsK.Kavitha, M.P. of Nizambad constituency. The Chenchu Women from Nallamalla forest performed a Chenchu dance and songs for the Delegates participating in the Panel discussion.

  1. Awareness Programme on Eve Teasing by SHE Police Team on 25.11.2014
  2. Rubaroo Workshop on 05.12.2014

Due to the convergence of vision and values, Rubaroo, in partnership with St Ann’s College and Pravah, is explored the possibility of offering an intervention for the students of the department across the 3 years of college. The experience will provide these students with insights and tools on exploring gender, understanding their own personal journeys, and would also assist them with tools to advocate for gender equity. CWS vision is to support the leadership journey of students who would become a part of larger network to lay the foundation towards a just society.

  1. Guest Lecture Titled ‘Women and Law’ on 7/3/2015

MsRachnaWaddepalli Advocate (High court), the speaker of the day spoke at length about the laws concerning women who are subjected to domestic violence, dowry harassments so on and so forth. She also made the audience aware about the variations between The Hindu Law and the Islamic Law.

  1. Panel discussion on "Women in Media" - 09.01.2015

A panel discussion on ‘Women in Media’ generated a lot of enthusiasm among the students. The panelists Ms. Jansi and Ms. Anita Apte popular anchors of radio and television spoke about the opportunities in the media and responded to the queries raised by the students.

  1. National Workshop ‘Women Empowerment, Role of Women's Studies in India’ at Bharathirasan University on 22/11/14 - Participation
  2. Publication
  • Newsletter
  • Book titled: Unforgettable Women by Nalini Shiv Kumar and Ms. Rema Mahaligam
  • An article titled ‘Case study: Acid Victims in India.’in the international journal of social science of research April- June 2014 Vol2, No. 02.

Report : 2013-2014

  1. Interactive session on "Empowering Women through Education and Dowry Deaths"-09.11.2013
  2. Essay and Poster competition on Women and Violence-11.11.2013– 11.00 to 12.00

The competitions were based on women related issues. The students have to portray their ideas of women in different perspectives in their posters.

  1. Guest Lecture on "Women, Peace and Security"-9.12 2013–9.30 to 10.30 by Prof Shamed Alee

Prof Shamed Alee urged the importance of Women’s Peace and Security. Prof Alee has stated that Gender inequalities are ignored, neglected or forgotten in policymaking and solutions to peacemaking. Implementation lags behind words and rhetoric. Too much is spent on arms and military security, and too little on gender equality and women's meaningful participation. Sexual and gender-based violence is endemic and rape in war is perpetrated with impunity. Women may often be victimized; yet, women also have voice and power to be agents of change – to be Peace Women! The Women, Peace and Security give us the tools to change our worlds.

  1. Inauguration of certificate course on Women’s Studies -10.12.2013–by Mrs. Kameshwari

A Certificate Course on Women's studies was organized to give a perspective and a comparative study of therightsofAmericanandIndianwomen,andredefined theposition of awomaninthesociety,workplace and her home. It included a session on feminist authors, movements and the evolution of a woman's image over theages

  1. "Gender sensitization sessions” for postgraduate students - 3.03.2014 to 5.03.2014 by Ms. Nalini Shivkumar



The purpose of this session were :

  1. a) To develop students sensibility with regard to issues of gender in contemporary India
  2. b) o understand the reality of children who are situations worse than their own
  3. c) To understand about their individual social responsibility and women’s social issue.
  1. Celebration of International Women’s Day and Shreyasi Award felicitation – 08.03.2014–9.30 to 11.00

CWS Felicitated Dr. Sr. Anthony Mary, the Principal of St. Ann’s College and Ms. AjithaSuchitra Veera, an alumnus,a film director, writer, illustrator, photographer, and film producer and an Oscar nominee film maker conferred on them the title ‘Shreyasi.’

The Chief Guest of the day was Mrs. ChandanaChakrabarti, a scientist, social activist and actor.

  1. Publication


Report :2012-2013

  1. Global Networking – Faculty Exchange Programme

Ms. Nalini and Ms. Rema went to Kansas State University for 3 weeks from 1st April to 21st April 2012 to conduct a short term course on Transnational Feminism. They also delivered two public lectures on Feminist Movements in India and Ecofeminism in University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA.

AnMoU has been signed for future exchange programmes for students and faculty with Kansas State University.

  1. Guest Lecture“on Leadership and Motivation”

Guest lecture on “Leadership and Motivation” by Ms. TejdeepKaurMenon IPS, Add. DGP (Training & Sports) on the topic was conducted on 16th August 2012

Ms. Menon talk interspersed with personal anecdotes, mesmerized the girls. The students were inspired by the poignancy in her rendering of her poems on women's concerns. The event ended with the girls singing along with Ms. Menon the popular number "I Have a Dream" by ABBA.

  1. Gender Sensitization Programme

Gender sensitization programme has been conducted for students by speaker Prof. RekhaPande, Director, Centre for Women’s Studies, Hyderabad University

  1. Guest lectures on “Legal Literacy”

Guest lectures on “Legal Literacy” by Ms. Lakshmi Vishweswaran were conducted on 15th November 2012 and 12th December 2012.


  1. Panel Discussion on “Dynamics of Women's space and security"

A panel discussion on The Dynamics of Women's Space and Security on 21th January 2013 which was acomprehensive and all inclusive response to prevent crime and ensure a safe environment for women. It was an exercise toinfuse confidence inthestudentsand eliminate the fear associated with such an experience. The panelists were Ms. RanjanaKumar, Former Vigilance Commissioner, Ms. VasanthKannabiran, an eminent activist, Ms. ElaheHiptoola, Filmmaker, Ms. Savitha Date Menon a psychologist, Mr. SekharKammula, foundermemberofanNGO"IcareIreact"andthe youngest member TejeswiniChoudary. repre-sentingtheyouth.Thediscussionwasmoderated byMs.LakshmiVishveswaran,alawyer

  1. Women’s March Celebrations

Women’s March Celebrations began with the screening of film Dor and an introduction by Ms. ElaheHiptoola. Two documentaries, titled “Barf” and “Mumbai Delhi Mumbai”, were screened. The director, Ms. Saba Dewan andMs. ElaheHiptoolainteracted with the audience.

  1. Attended the 11th International Exhibition on “City Infrastructure and Sustainable Urban Development”

Ms. Nalini Shivkumar and Ms. Rema Mahalingam attended the 11th International Exhibition on “City Infrastructure and Sustainable Urban Development” from 13th to 15th March 2013 at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR

  1. Certificate Course

A three months certificate course in Women’s Studies is being conducted every year for the first year students.

  1. Sufi dance performance

Sufi dance performance at the inauguration of under 20 National Women’s Hockey Championship at Gachibowli stadium by St. Ann’s College Students

  1. Project

Project on “Women in AP Police – Problems, Progression and the Need for Reforms” with Ms. TejdeepKaurMenon, IPS, Addl. DGP (Training & Sports)