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NCC (National Cadet Corps)

Course objectives

Training programs -

Drill, shooting, Physical fitness, map reading, First aid, Gliding/Flying, boat pulling, sailing and camp training covering basic of military training in Army. This training is mostly carried out in colleges by the cadets. In addition basic knowledge of the service is imparted to the cadets.


Report :2016-17

NCC Cadets have attended the 3 ATC camps conducted by our Battalion 1(T) Girls BN NCC at BTG, Hyderabad from.

No. of camps attended: 29




Report :  2015-16

1 unit, 1(T) Girls BN NCC, Secunderabad

Strength: 100              No. of camps attended:  40       NCC officer – Ms Lydia Marina



Report : 2014-15


Report : 2013-14



Report : 2012-13

The college celebrated National Voters Day on the 24th January 2013.  The Principal   administered a pledge to the student community.  The department of English organized essay writing and elocution competitions on Anti Corruption.