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Department of Statistics

"Analyse to Understand"



Mrs. D. Srikala

M.Sc., M.Phil (Ph.D)

Mrs. V.Sai Sri Kishore

M. Sc.


"Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write" .H.G Wells
By creating awareness about the universal application of the subject, the department's endeavor is to make statistics the most interesting course.


Statistics is a modern tool of immense versatility with which one can both explore and measure the variability and uncertainty inherent in reality in almost any field. The primary objective of the department of statistics is to take the students from the classroom environ to the "outside".


  • Conceptual knowledge, which is primary to any subject, is emphasized upon.  By presenting “real” data in relevant examples and realistic situations, the “concepts” are illustrated.
  • Independent thinking and development of problem solving skills among students is considered of primary importance.


Priority areas for Research and details of the ongoing projects, important and noteworthy publications of the faculty, during past two years.

  • Minor research project on “Impact of IT on college libraries” { along with the department of Information Science}  has been approved by UGCfor financial assistance. 


  •  Members of the department undertake consultancy works in statistical analysis of data for M.Phil/Ph.D. thesis and projects (inside and outside the institution).
  •   An orientation workshop on SPSS for final year students to enhance the skill set.
  •   Observing National Statistics day/International Year of Statistics (2013) by organizing a Guest lectures and various Inter-Collegiate competitions.
  •   Consultancy for statistical data analysis.
  •   The students regularly  win number of prizes in the competitions conducted by NSSO, MOSPI, Govt. of India on the National Statistics Day.