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Department of Microbiology



Dr. Sneha Gogte

M.Sc , Ph.D

Ms. CH.Jyothi


Ms.K.Krishna Priya



To lay strong foundation for life sciences in general and Microbiology in practice. To facilitate scientific temper, promote analytical thinking and help transition of students learning styles from passive to active.


UGC sponsored Minor research project: 2015 – 2017.

 Principal Investigator : Dr. Sneha Gogte, HOD. Co investigator: CH. Jyothi, Lecturer.

Research Area : Antimicrobial  action of herbal oils and their synergistic action.

Collaborative research with  Dr. B. R. k. R. Government Ayurvedic  College.

Consultancy provided to PG Students of   Dr. B. R. k. R. Government Ayurvedic  College , Hyderabad.

Consultancy work in the area of Antimicrobial Agar diffusion Assay. 

In house projects by students – areas of work: Bacteriological analysis of milk samples, Antimicrobial activity of herbs. 


• 25 batches of B.Sc undergrads and all with 100 % results. 

• Alumni record available since 1988 batch.

• Alumni as researchers on global map.

• Hands on workshops and projects every year since 1988.

• Summer internships for students  at IISER, IISC, NIN, Apollo hospitals, Global Hospital, every year

• IISER,pune  Lecture series for students. 

• DST INSPIRE workshops for students.

• Extension Activity-AIDS awareness drive since 1992 every year on 1st December in collaboration with  Rotary International, Lions club, State Government 

• Faculty workshop for 150 Biologists in collaboration with Biorad , USA, Indigenèse Biotechnologies. 

• UGC sponsored Faculty training workshop on rDNA technology. 

• Consultancy on antimicrobial assays of plant extracts or chemical compounds

• Research collaboration with State Government Ayurvedic college. 

• UGC- CBW for women managers in HE a national level programme –  conducted as Resource  center.

• Department received UGC- MRP  non UGC funded first dept to get  grant independently in the college 2015-17