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Department of Mathematics

"Integrating Minds to Infinite Limits"



Dr. Nirmala Xavier

M.Sc, M. Phil, Ph.D.

Ms.Santoshi Misra


Ms.Saba Firdous


Ms.Asfia Shimrose


Ms.Aisha Ali Asker


Ms. Gladys





To visualize implementation of innovative concept and techniques, to inculcate the love for mathematics, A desire to excel in mathematics and research inclination.


  • To aim at a larger move towards generality and unification in mathematics and develop theoretical knowledge and computational experience of it.
  • To inculcate creativity in the minds of younger generation for their bright future and inculcate logical and analytical thinking.
  • To provide clear route for innovative ideas and create a room for developing one’s own examples and exercises.
  • To keep the students informed of the latest advancements in the field of mathematics.


Areas of Research

  • · Dr. Nirmala Xavier Published paper in International Journal of Algorithms, Computing and Mathematics on “Cordial Labeling of Grid Graph

    ·Published paper in National Journal Of Applied Physics on “Super Subdivision of graphs”

    ·Presented paper in International Conference at Loyola College, Chennai

    ·Presented Paper in National Conference at Crescent Engineering College, Chennai

    · Presented Paper in National Conference at Stanley College of Engineering & Technology for women

    ·Ms. Japamala Rani is working on college approved MRP filled “Study of noise pollution “for the academic year 2015-2016.


The Department of Physics & Electronics has five faculty membes and two supporting staff having more than 25 years of experience.

Some of the noteworthy achievements of the faculty are:


  • Presenting papers at National /International Conferences.
  • Organising National level conferences in the college.
  • Contributing as Resource persons at Workshops
  • Co-authoring text books
  • Membership in National Academic bodies 
    • Indian Association of Physics Teachers  ( IAPT )
    • Indian Women Scientists Association    ( IWSA )


Student-Centric activities:

Dhruva club - Promotes scientific temper and makes learning a fun activity.

Horizon- A mini Planetarium show designed by the students

Intercollegiate Competetions - Quizzes,Debates,Lecture contests,Presentations,Projects-working models etc.

THE CURRENT -  Annual Newsletter featuring the latest events in the subject.

Out-reach activity:Mobile Physics Laboratory - Students demonstrate the experiments in neighbouring schools.