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Department of Botany

"Nurturing Growth - Featuring Excellence"



Dr.N.J.Elizabeth Margaret

M.Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D




M.sc.,Ph.D , B.Ed

Ms.Roja Jayaraj





To disseminate and apply knowledge of plants science to everyday life for the betterment of the society.


To acquaint the students with the flora by collecting, identifying and presenting the plant specimens.
To foster awareness on the therapeutic values of medicinal plants in daily life.
To create environmental awareness and conservation of biodiversity.
To initiate a process of learning new skills that ensure employability.


Priority Areas of Research
· Mycology
· Physiology
· Medicinal Botany
· Environmental Science
Faculty published Research Papers in National and International journals.Completed Minor Research Projects.


The department conducted an International Conference–“Green Summit on climate Change- Issues and Concerns” on 12th – 13th November, 2010.
The faculty have published 15 Papers in National and International Journals and presented 19 papers in conferences / seminars.
They have authored A Text Book of Practical Botany Volume – I and Volume -II in 2009 for degree students as per the revised syllabus.
Conducted two skill oriented certificate courses. As a part of the department’s contribution to Community services, Mushroom cultivation is undertaken for house wives and unemployed youth.

As an annual feature, the Department organizes "Botannique" to provide an opportunity for the students to showcase their latent talent.

Green file
The department maintains Green file which is a collection of Newspaper clippings on latest information in the field of Botany and Environment. These clippings are collected by the students and displayed on the notice board.

Digital Herbarium
The department has a rich collection of Herbarium specimens to facilitate student practical learning. The collection of specimens is a contribution by both students and staff, collected during the field trips. The Herbarium is digitized to facilitate easy reference.
Herbal Remedies- With a view to bring in awareness among school children on the importance of medicinal plants, home remedies and to promote herbal medicine, the students &faculty conducted a community service program at Vijayalakshmi School, Hyderabad. An interactive session was conducted towards the end where the students participated enthusiastically.