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Department of Telugu

"Desa Bhashalandu Telugu Lessa - దేశ భాషలందు తెలుగు లెస్స"



Dr.A.Subba Lakshmi



“ChaduvaniVadagnudagu ChadivinaSadasadvivekaChaturathangalugu”

చదువనివాడఙుండగు,జదివిన సదసద్వివేక చతురత గలుగుం

""A literate can differentiate between good and bad by the knowledge acquired during the process of education.""


To teach moral and ethical values through epics and create a sense of social responsibility.
To acquaint the students with various literary forms like novels, drama and criticism.
To develop a sense of literary and esthetic appreciation among the students by acquainting them with various aspects of Telugu language and literature.
To educate women to face the challenges of the future, through value based teachings, morals and ethics. To create interest in language and focus upon the contribution of the eminent writers and poets to modern literature.
To give a brief history of Arabic literature, culture and the civilization of the early Arabs.
The main objective of the Department is to make the students more familiar with the Islamic literature, which is mainly based on Quran, Hadith, Summah and Seerat.
The annual literary day is a regular and much awaited objective of the Department. A large number of competitions like essay writing, elocution, debate and quiz are held to provide opportunities to the talented students.


Priority areas for Research and details of the ongoing projects, important and noteworthy publications of the faculty, during past two years
Ongoing Project: A comparative study of Aboriginal and Chenchu Tribes.

Ongoing Projects
Dr. A. Subba Lakshmi is doing a minor research project on “Tarigonda Vengamambarachanalu – thathvikatha” - తరిగొండ వెంగమాంబ రచనలు---తాత్త్వికత
Dr. A. Subba Lakshmi is along with Hindi department is working on “narichethna badaltemulye” changing trends in women’s outlook – a comparative study of Hindi and Telugu novels.

Ph.D. thesis published as a book -“Dr. Korrapati Gangadhargarirachanalu – samajika Prayojanamu – డా.కొర్రపాటి గంగాధరరావుగారి రచనలు -సామాజికప్రయోజనము in 2009.

Papers presented National/International events
“The influence of the earth on the Telugu literature and culture” was presented in an “International conference on land, culture & knowledge systems” on 4th – 5th January, 2008 at Seminar Hall, St. Ann’s college.
“Telugu Bhasha Saadhikaratha” - తెలుగుభాష—సాధికారత was presented at “National seminar on Telugu Bhashaprachunathasaadhikaratha” on 28th – 29th January, 2009 at Govt. degree, college, Hyderabad.
“Climate change and its impact on culture and life style of farmers” was presented in “ ‘Green summit on Climate Change- Issues and Concerns’-International conference,12th – 13thNovember 2010, St. Ann’s College, Hyderabad.
“Sanskrutha telugu natakamula tulaatmaka adhyayanamu” – ‘ సంస్కృతతెలుగు నాటకముల తులనాత్మక అధ్యయనము’ was presented in “International conference on comparative literature: world culture and languages” 24th – 26th January, 2011 at Andhra University , Visakhapatnam.


Faculty member Dr. A. Subbalakshmi attended two international conferences and eight national seminars and presented papers.
Department organized field trip to KundaSatyanarayanaKaladamum, Surenderapuri to improve the knowledge of our epics and art and architecture of ourtemples from all over India.
Telugu students participated in community service at ZPHS, Attapur to teach moral and ethical values through storiesfrom Ramayana, Mahabharata and Panchatantra.
Telugu department conducted awareness programme on eradication of child labour along with Departments of Hindi and Sanskrit and visited Bridge school in Chevella ,Ranga Reddy Dt.