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Department of Sanskrit

"Sanskrutham Bharatiya Samskruti - संस्क्रुतं भारतीय संस्क्रुतिः"




M.A , M.Phil (Ph.D), HoD


M.A , M.Phil , Ph.D

The Department


To give students a glimpse of the vast treasure of knowledge and achievements in various fields of ancient Indian Civilization preserved in Sanskrit and its meaningful interpretation to the modern world.


To give a glimpse of the rich scientific heritage of India and to create a bridge between ancient knowledge of science and technology and the modern concepts, its meaningful interpretation of the world.
To develop a sense of literary and aesthetic appreciation among students by forming their acquaintance with the varied aspects of Sanskrit knowledge.
To acquaint students with the universal truths and human nature in all its complexities enshrined in the literary pieces.
To emphasize on the unifying role of Sanskrit in the context of national integration, focus on the secular and pan-Indian character of Sanskrit across the barriers of caste, creed and geographical limits.

Highlights for Year 2017-18

  • Organized Workshop on International Yoga Day on 21st June, 2017.
  • Department of Languages - Sanskrit, Hindi, Telugu, English, Arabic &French together organized Two day International Seminar on 21st & 22nd February, 2018 on the Topic: ‘ICT and Language Learning : Trends Issues and Challenges’
  • Organized Workshop during International Seminar on 22nd February, 2018(Topic:‘कुशलदूरवाण्या संस्कृत कौशलवर्थनं संरक्षणं च।’).
  • Department is coordinating Career Oriented Course (COC) – Acting for 2nd year students and coordinating Inter Disciplinary Course (IDC) - ‘Scientific Glimpses of Classical Sanskrit literature’ for final year students.
  • Organized one Guest Lecture (11th July, 2017) and one Extension Lecture (12th November, 2017).
  • Secured 100% result in both semesters.