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Department of Sanskrit

"Sanskrutham Bharatiya Samskruti - संस्क्रुतं भारतीय संस्क्रुतिः"




M.A , M.Phil (Ph.D)


M.A , M.Phil , Ph.D


To give students a glimpse of the vast treasure of knowledge and achievements in various fields of ancient Indian Civilization preserved in Sanskrit and its meaningful interpretation to the modern world.


To give a glimpse of the rich scientific heritage of India and to create a bridge between ancient knowledge of science and technology and the modern concepts, its meaningful interpretation of the world.
To develop a sense of literary and aesthetic appreciation among students by forming their acquaintance with the varied aspects of Sanskrit knowledge.
To acquaint students with the universal truths and human nature in all its complexities enshrined in the literary pieces.
To emphasize on the unifying role of Sanskrit in the context of national integration, focus on the secular and pan-Indian character of Sanskrit across the barriers of caste, creed and geographical limits.


The department celebrates Sanskrit day and Gurupoornima day every year with many student centric activities such as dancing, singing, and skits.
Department organized an awareness program with collaboration of Hindi and Telugu departments on abolition of child labour with the help of M.V. Foundation, an N.G.O. in Hyderabad on 2nd& 16th December 2007.
An exhibition on ancient science and scientists with the collaboration of ‘SamskrutaBharati’ a national N.G.O. was organised on 8th August 2008.
The department organized spoken Sanskrit workshop for first year students in 2009 and 2010 for ten days.
Dr Prabhavathi completed Ph.D. in December 2007. She published 2papers each in international and national journals and is guiding Ph.D. scholars from 2010 onwards.