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Department of Arabic

"Knowledge is Power and Weapon - العلم و قوة و سلاح"



Ms.Nishath Fatima , HoD

M.A (M.Phil)

Ms.Syed Maryam Gazala


The Department


“Acquiring knowledge is compulsory for every Muslim Man & woman” طلب العلم فريضة على كل مسلم و مسلمة


To make the students aware of the vast treasure of Islamic knowledge in the fields classical and modern literature and the contribution and achievements of the eminent scholars to Arabic literature.
To educate women to face the challenges of the future, through value based teachings, morals and ethics. To create interest in language and focus upon the contribution of the eminent writers and poets to modern literature.
To give a brief history of Arabic literature, culture and the civilization of the early Arabs.
The main objective of the Department is to make the students more familiar with the Islamic literature, which is mainly based on Quran, Hadith, Summah and Seerat.
The annual literary day is a regular and much awaited objective of the Department. A large number of competitions like essay writing, elocution, debate and quiz are held to provide opportunities to the talented students.


Paper presented and published: 9 papers were presented in international and national seminars.

  • 2013 التصوف النشأة والتعريف (proceeding of the UGC National seminar)
  • 2014 ISBN : 2348-2257 تهزيب الاخلاق national journal on شمس العلماء خان بهادر مولوى زكاء الله
  • 2015 ISBN NO: 81-7801-873-13 نازك الملائكة
  • AL Tanveer journal January 2016 Issn 2385-5627 علم النفس والقرآن الكريم
  • One book has published with the title عشره مبشر

Highlights for academic year 2017-18

  • Organised International seminar - A two day international seminar was organized on “ICT language and learning: trends, issues and challenges
  • Celebrates Arabic day - Every year on the eve of World Arabic day celebrates ‘Arabic Day’ and conducts Competitions like Quran recitation, PPTs, collage, essay writing, calligraphy in Arabic, wall magazine and quiz etc
  • Amrozia Club - Established “Amrozia Club” with a mission to impart quality training to a wide spectrum of students both local and foreign in Urdu language and literature and to promote Urdu language
  • Organised Intercollegiate competition
  • Launch of Mrs.Nishth book عشره مبشره
  • Online journal “ Annscope” - “Ann scope” an online journal was ventured to oversee the recent trends and challenges in the world of languages