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Department of Arabic

"Knowledge is Power and Weapon - العلم و قوة و سلاح"



Ms.Nishath Fatima

M.A (M.Phil)

Ms.Syed Maryam Gazala



Vision ...Commune with care


To make the students aware of the vast treasure of Islamic knowledge in the fields classical and modern literature and the contribution and achievements of the eminent scholars to Arabic literature.
To educate women to face the challenges of the future, through value based teachings, morals and ethics. To create interest in language and focus upon the contribution of the eminent writers and poets to modern literature.
To give a brief history of Arabic literature, culture and the civilization of the early Arabs.
The main objective of the Department is to make the students more familiar with the Islamic literature, which is mainly based on Quran, Hadith, Summah and Seerat.
The annual literary day is a regular and much awaited objective of the Department. A large number of competitions like essay writing, elocution, debate and quiz are held to provide opportunities to the talented students.


Changes made in the courses or programmes during the past two years and the contribution of the faculty to those changes.
As the institution is affiliated to Osmania University the department of Arabic follows the guidelines of the University. Change has been made in the area of grammar for the degree first year in 2009. Four grammar topics have been replaced with applied grammar.
Dr. Zakia Sultana as a member of Board of Studies contributed for syllabus framing and wrote lessons on applied grammar.

Details of faculty development programmes and teachers who have been benefited during the past two years.
Dr. Zakia Sultana Attended a translation course in Arabic organized by Nizam College O.U Hyderabad from 10th May to 16th May 2009.


Modern teaching methods practiced and use of ICT in teaching – learning.
Different teaching methods like Projects display, Role play, Group discussions, Quiz, Elocution, Seminars and Debates are adopted to motivate the students to better their reading and writing skills.
Audio tapes are used in the class to help students get the feel of spoken Arabic by the natives.
The Department of Arabic uses different methods to teach the foreign language with the help of Internet, O.H.P. and A.V. Aids.
Power point presentations are given to students on various topics.

5. Participation of teachers in academic and personal counseling of students. Guiding the students in their carrier and academic activities is done by the teacher on a regular basis to enlighten the students about various options available to them.
Teachers mentor the students by being a friend and a guide to them.
Individual personal counseling is given to those students who are in need of it.
Students who want to discontinue their education due to various personal reasons are counseled by the teachers.


Priority areas for Research and details of the ongoing projects, important and noteworthy publications of the faculty, during past two years

Ongoing Project: A comparative study of Aboriginal and Chenchu Tribes.
Dr. Zakia Sultana published the Paper titled on “Astronomy and Quran” in “Risale Jamia”, an international journal of Institute of Islamic studies, Jamia Millia Islamina. Vol. 106 in October 2009 RNI. No. DEL/14431/6085.
Paper Presentation
Dr. Zakia Sultana presented papers:
“The women writer Huda Hanaam Shirawi” كاتبة هدى حنان شراوى ininternational seminar on “Role of women writer in Arabic literature” held on 25th September 2007 conducted by the department of Arabic, Osmania University.
“Astronomy and Quran ” علم الفلك والقران in National seminar “The Quran and science” held on 20th February 2008 at A.K.M Oriental college, Hyderabad.
“Contribution of critic - Dr. Hameedullah - renowned author” اساهم نقد حميد الله المؤلف المعروف in international seminar “Contribution of Iranian Scholars to Arabic literature” held on 25th march 2009 conducted by Arabic department of Osmania University.
“Preservation of manuscripts” حفظ مخطوطاث National Seminar held on 24th January 2009 conducted by women’s college koti.
“Impact of Hadeeth literature on modern society” اتر الادب الحديت علي مجمعة عصرى in two days international seminar conducted by department of Arabic Osmania University on 11th February 2010


Highlights 06-09 The department of Arabic has the largest student strength organized various activities such as Quran recitation, Elocution, Essay writing, quiz and wall Magazine. The response to these competitions was completely overwhelming.
Dr Zakia Sultana received State Best Teacher award by A.P. State Government in 2008 – 09.


Any other achievements/unique features/best practices.
Community Service
The faculty visited “Idar-e-Millia school, Malakpet.
The B.A Final year students took moral ethical value classes for primary sections at various schools during the month of Ramadan.
Celeberations of Department
The department regularly celebrates Arabic day wherein it conducts various competitions to bring out the talents and to make the students aware of their hidden ability.